COVID-19 Symptoms If you have COVID-19 symptoms you should get tested and you should self-isolate at home straight away along with other members of your household.
– If you have symptoms while at College tell your lecturer or Group Tutor and leave straight away (school pupils must tell their Group Tutor and remain on campus in a designated safe space until appropriate arrangements have been made).
– If you have symptoms while at home, self-isolate at home and inform your Group Tutor.
– Contact the NHS to arrange to be tested. Do this online at NHS Inform or call 0800 028 2816.
– If you have been asked to self-isolate because you are a close contact of someone else who has tested positive, please advise your Group Tutor, explaining the reason for your self-isolation.

If you do not have symptoms of COVID-19 but have other cold and flu-like symptoms, you do not need to be tested and you do not need to self-isolate. You can attend college if fit to do so. Please see the latest Scottish Government health guidance for students.

Please read through our latest campus guidance and watch the relevant campus tour video to ensure that you stay safe while on campus.

The following guidance is to ensure that you and your peers can have a high quality and safe learning experience: 

  • Follow one-way systems – the one-way systems in each campus are all clearly marked and must be followed. 
  • Physical distancing – you should keep distanced from other students and staff as much as possible.  Follow the signs in corridors and other areas asking you to maintain your distance from others. 
  • Face Coverings – must be worn at all times within College, unless you are exempt.
  • Effective hygiene – you should practise effective handwashing often and use the hand sanitisers that are located outside classrooms and throughout other areas in college regularly.  The classrooms, workshops, studios and salons will cleaned before and after you have been in them. 
  • Social areas – there is no access to social areas on campus at present.  When you arrive at college you should go straight to your classroom, workshop, studio or salon in your learning area. 
  • Catering service – You should bring water from home as there is currently no catering service on campus at present and we will only have vending machines. 
  • Resources –You should avoid sharing resources with others. 
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – your lecturer will discuss the arrangements for any PPE required as part of your course.   
  • Please see our smoking policy if this affects you.

Please watch the walkthrough video for your campus with the COVID-19 adaptions in place:

We are proud of all of our students who behave responsibly and follow the guidance. 

Using the free Protect Scotland app, and following FACTS, can protect you, your family and Scotland against coronavirus. We can make it work, if we work together. Download and share today at