The Physical Distancing Framework must be supported by excellent hand hygiene, with everyone in the D&A community washing their hands thoroughly and regularly. Please also make use of the antibacterial hand gel available throughout campuses.

The Physical Distancing Framework is based on our five college values:

College values


  • Remain the required distance away from all other people on campus at all times
  • Wear a face covering (unless exempt)
  • Give yourself plenty of time to move around campus…
    • so you can stop in suitable places to let others pass you whilst adhering to the required distance
    • so you are less likely to infringe on the required distance/ space by moving quickly
  • Visibly indicate your intentions to move out of others’ way in smaller spaces and communicate clearly so others do not worry you are not planning to adhere to the required distancing
  • Politely state ‘mind the gap’ clearly and confidently when:
    • you observe anyone not adhering to the Physical Distancing Framework
    • you are uncomfortable with the distance between you and others
  • Expect your behaviour to be raised by others in the D&A community if you do not adhere to the Physical Distancing Framework

Do Not…

  • Put your or other’s health, safety or wellbeing at risk at any time (most obviously by not adhering to this Framework, but also generally and more widely)
  • React negatively to someone highlighting your distancing or behaviour – everyone has a responsibility to follow the Physical Distancing Framework and address those that are not doing so, whether by mistake or not
  • Expect ‘someone else’ to enforce the Physical Distancing Framework and/or behave accordingly; everyone has the same responsibility to engage with the Framework and its effectiveness
  • Become confrontational with anyone not adhering to the Physical Distancing Framework; politely reinforce the ‘mind the gap’ message and if behaviour is of particular concern, report any appropriate:
    • Student details to Help Point team who will liaise with the Health & Safety team
    • Staff details to the People Team who will liaise with the Health & Safety team

Where Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is required, it will be provided.

Please also watch our Mind the Gap video to find out how to keep yourself safe in campus.