Our aim is to make your time at college fun, memorable and successful, by creating opportunities for you to be involved in a whole range of activities and events that really promote and celebrate your wider achievements!

We can support you to gain skillsdevelop your confidence and demonstrate your individuality when seeking employment or progressing through education.

We can make you shine to local employers and help you develop skills for learning, life and work through our D&A Attributes programme; a unique opportunity only open to D&A students to build recognised skills through a mixture of wider achievement opportunities.

We can help you to support your fellow learners, to make a contribution to your local community, and to really be a part of college life by getting involved in:

  • Projects and events with your fellow students
  • Volunteering
  • Citizenship Projects
  • Employer Engagement and Career Management Skills development
  • Whole-college events
  • Curriculum engagement

You can also get involved with our fantastic student wellbeing programme. From trekking with alpacas to learning about the benefits of sleep, positive wellbeing can really support your time as a student at D&A.

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D&A Attributes